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Divine Comedy Digital, 1998
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Espoo - Alexanderplatz, 1999
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Agony of JC, 2001
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Puumala, 1943°

Description des CR-ROM :

- Agony of JC, CD-Rom, 1998 :

"Jesus Christ has returned onto Earth

Everything is changed

And he feels hinself lost

No one knows him

And he has not any more

Power to heal sick people

He can not understand what happens

What all this means"

- Espoo-Alexanderplatz, CD-Rom, 1999 :

"When shopping in your daily super market

Be careful

It is not what it looks like

You are on the stage og World History

All the time

And stories that you heards in yours childhood

Are true and lies

like nightmares or art

Grand mother was not good although

She ate the wolf"

- Divine Comedy Digital, CD-Rom, 2001 : Divine Comedy Digital is a new version of Dantes’ Divine Comedy. A version that reflects our time and concept. What is ment by sin now, or punishment."


- Master en Science (Mathématiques), University of Helsinki.
- Membre de Artists’ Association of Finland : Finnish Painters’ Union, de Union of Artist Photographers de MUU depuis 89, organisation of Media Art and Electronic Art à Helsinki, Finlande.

Prix et distinctions

- 2004 : Media Forum Competition Nominees’ 2004 of the XXYI Moscow International Film Festival, ClubnaBrestskoj cd-rom One Way
- 2001 : Prix Möbius Finlande, finalists 2001 in Kiasma, Helsinki
- 2000 : CYNETart 2000 -honourable mention , Dresden, Germany
- 2000 : Third Prize in File 200, International computer art competition, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Expositions individuelles et performances

- 2011 : Gallery Gjutars, Vantaa, paintings and multi media
- 2010 : Gallery Saskia, Tampere, paintings
- 2010 : Public Library in Arabianranta, Helsinki, paintings
- 2006 : Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Computer Game (opening performance)
- 1999, 2001, 2003 : Galerie Novo, paintings and multi media

Expositions collectives et festivals

- 2010 : Gallery Aarni, WeeGee House, Espoo, Finland,
- 2009 : Espoo Visual Artists, 40 Years jubileum exhibition, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi
- 2009 : Einari Uusikylä- artistic heritage, Vaasa Art Hall, Vaasa,
- 2004 : Fragile, Group Exhibition Of The Nordict Art Association in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, cd-rom
- 2001, 2000, 1998, 1997 : The Finnish Artist´s Annual Exhibitions
- 2001 : United Minds : International mail/ fax art exhibition in Tampere, Finland.

Expositions internationnales

- 2005 : "Bodies Through Technology"- A multimedia art exhibit, Tompkins County Public Library, in Ithaca, New York, Cd-rom:Espoo-Aleksanderplatz ; Time Travelling, Sag Harbor, New York, New World Gallery @ Radio Free Hamptons
- 2003 : Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin- International film, video and media art festival, Paris / Berlin, cd- rom One Way
- 2002 : File 3002, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
- 2001 : D>art 01 cd-rom, web & sound art exhibition, Sidney
- 2001 : Le Numerique Nouveau Medium de l’Art, Galerie GPOA, Chateau Malou / médiatine, Bruxelles.
- 2001 : File, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo / Curitiba City, Brésil
- 2001 : Contact Zones in Nickle Art Museum, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
- 2000 : Global press, cd-rom art inTlaxhala, Mexico
- 2000 : ISEA 200, The 10th International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Paris
- 2000 : CYNETart 2000, International competition for computer based art, Dresden
- 2000 : D>art 01 cd-rom, web & sound art exhibition, Sidney
- 2000 : Lovebytes, Sheffield, England.

Collections publiques

Helsinki,Suomen taideyhdistys ;

Tampere,Tampereen nykytaiteen museo, cd-rom First Finnish Underground Art

Berlin, Neue Berliner Kunstverein, cd-rom Divine Comedy Digital

The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art,Cornell Library, Ithaka, New York Cd-roms : Divine Comedy Digital, Espoo-Alexanderplatz

Galerie GPOA, Belgique, Bruxelles, cd-roms Divine Comedy Digital, Espoo-Alexanderplatz,Agony Of JC ; D>art cd-rom collection in Sydney. Australia

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